Strong, Conservative Leadership

to Build A Safe & Secure Virginia 

Delegate Jason Miyares is a former criminal prosecutor who took violent felons off our streets and works to protect Virginia families while standing for our values.


Endorsed by

Governor George Allen

Penny Nance

CWA President*

Colleen Holcomb

Eagle Forum President*

Conservative legislators like:

Delegates Nick Freitas, Rob Bell, Terry Kilgore, Emily Brewer, Tony Wilt, Todd Gilbert, Lee Ware, Matt Farris, Margaret Ransome, Mark Cole, Charlie Poindexter, Scott Lingamfelter, Jay Leftwich and Senators John Cosgrove and Bill DeSteph

Conservative leaders like*:

Louise Hartz, former President of Virginia Society for Human Life; Chuck Cunningham, former Political Director for the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, Former AG Mark Earley

*Organization names are for identification purposes only.


Jason Miyares is an example of President Ronald Reagan’s “Shining City on the Hill.” His mother, Miriam Miyares, fled communist Cuba in 1965 with only the clothes on her back and no idea from where her next meal would come. She legally immigrated to the United States and instilled in her three sons a passion and love for freedom and democracy in America.

Jason with his mother Miriam Miyares, who fled communist Cuba penniless and homeless 

 Jason's Plan to Keep Virginia safe: 

★ Fight for Election Integrity
★ Restore Law & Order / Stand with Police

★ Defend our 2nd Amendment Rights
★ Punish Criminals and Protect Victims
★ Stop the left-wing agenda in Richmond


"I’m fighting every day to protect our families and keep Virginia safe. We must restore law and order, back our law enforcement officers, stop the left-wing agenda in Richmond that is hurting Virginia, and enact election integrity measures to protect our right to vote. There is too much at stake to back down from the challenges we face."


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