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Promises Made, promises kept

In less than a year in office, Attorney General Jason Miyares has generated a lot of positive change in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a father of three, Attorney General Miyares prioritizes the safety and positive development of our youth through increased accountability measures, such as investigating the Loudoun County Public Schools’ sexual assault cover-up and providing educational resources to parents and community leaders to generate conversations about how to address the various modern challenges affecting students, from different impacts social media apps like TikTok can have to the risk that THC copycat edibles pose. 

Attorney General Miyares has pushed back on federal government overreach, like his rejection of the Virginia college COVID-19 vaccine mandate and his promotion of parents’ rights regarding face masks in schools. Attorney General Miyares continues to act as a champion of victim’s rights, a refreshing change from the far-left’s widespread prioritization of criminals over law-abiding citizens and victims, and he remains committed to revamping the victim-over-criminal mindset across the Commonwealth. 

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