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Jason miYARes will keep Virginia safe and secure

Punish Criminals and Protect Victims

› The victims of violent crimes are too often ignored or forgotten in Richmond.  An out-of-control parole board has let out felons, rapists, murderers, cop killers, and child abusers out of prison and back in our neighborhoods and communities.  This failure to protect the safety of Virginia families is a fireable offense, and as a former criminal prosecutor, Jason has seen first-hand the toll violent crime has on victims, families and communities. As Virginia’s next Attorney General he will make your safety his mission to protect all Virginians.

Recreate a
Pro-Business Virginia

› Small businesses and entrepreneurs are struggling with high taxation, litigation and regulation coming out of Richmond. Jason will fight to preserve Virginia’s Right to Work status and is a passionate believer in a “bottom-up” economy that doesn’t favor big corporations but instead supports the policies that allow small business owners to grow, thrive and most importantly, hire. While the current Attorney General continues to side with far left, out of state political organizations over Virginia small business owners, Jason will always stand for job creation and opportunity.

Stand with Police

› It is time we stand with those that stand everyday to keep our communities safe and secure. We should be funding the police instead of defunding them, and give them the tools they need to succeed. Law enforcement officers risk their lives keeping our communities safe and they deserve to know we have their back. As a former prosecutor, Jason has worked with law enforcement and is honored to have the support of members of law enforcement, prosecutors and sheriffs throughout the commonwealth who are tired of a criminal first, victim last mindset in Richmond. 

Restore Law & Order

› Time and time again we have seen how our current Attorney General remained silent and failed to step in when local prosecutors allowed dozens of rioters to avoid prosecution for their crimes, effectively setting them free. Jason has a record of putting violent criminals behind bars, consistently defending Virginians and if local prosecutors are unable or unwilling to prosecute violent criminals he will step in. 

Common Sense Election Reform

› Democrats continue to oppose cleaning voter rolls and commonsense election integrity measures like showing an ID to vote. Jason supports reform measures that give the confidence for all Virginians that elections are run with integrity and openness. 

Human Trafficking

› Human trafficking remains one of the most heinous of all crimes.  During his time in the General Assembly Jason was recognized by the Safe House Project for his efforts combating this issue, and he is a passionate advocate for increased penalties and mandatory minimums for those that would prey on the most vulnerable. Jason Miyares proposes innovative legislation that would seize property from landlords who knowingly rent to human traffickers and turn the proceeds to organizations who treat those that are the victims of this heinous crime. 

Illegal Immigration

› As potentially the first Attorney General since 1786 that would be the child of an immigrant, Jason is a passionate believer in the American Miracle and that our nation is a nation of second chances. If your family came to America seeking freedom and opportunity chances are your family is a lot like the Miyares Family.   Miyares supports legal immigration, but he will not allow illegal immigrants to take advantage of American laws and is in favor of efforts to strengthen border security.

Fight for the
next generation

› The closure of schools for over a year has had an unconscionable impact on our children and most vulnerable. During a time when America was having a great debate about inequality in our great nation we shut down one of the great equalizing tools in our society; our schools. Over the past year we have seen the Virginia public education system fail our children, their parents, and in particular the most vulnerable students that struggle with learning disabilities or have an IEP. The Virginia State Constitution gives our kids the right to an education and Jason pledges to sue any school district on behalf of parents that is not fully open by the time he is sworn in.

Look out for the Vulnerable

› Jason Miyares wants to create the Senior Strike Force which would be aimed at protecting senior citizens from fraud. The strike force will be made up of dedicated investigators and prosecutors whose sole purpose is to put those who defraud Virginia’s most vulnerable population behind bars.

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