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Jason miYARes will keep Virginia safe and secure

Restore Law & Order and Stand with Police

› Law enforcement risk their lives keeping our communities safe and they deserve to know we have their back. As a former prosecutor, Jason continues to stand with law enforcement to ensure they have the support they need to do their jobs.

Defend Our 2nd Amendment rights

› In Richmond, Jason has a record of defending the 2nd Amendment. We can count on him to protect our constitutional rights from the constant attacks by the radical left.

Punish criminals and protect victims

› Socialists Democrats in Richmond continue to put the rights of dangerous criminals ahead of the safety of Virginia families. Jason will always put Virginia first and stand up for victims of violent crime.

Stop the Left-Wing agenda in Richmond

› Emboldened by their majorities in Richmond and Washington D.C., the Democratic leadership in Richmond is pushing a far left radical agenda that would fundamentally change Virginia. Jason has the proven record and experience to stop them and be the conservative check and balance we need in Richmond.