Delegate Jason Miyares Slams Gov. Northam's Court-Packing Attempt

VIRGINIA BEACH VA: Former prosecutor, Delegate and conservative candidate for Attorney General, Jason Miyares, made the following statement in response to Governor Ralph Northam’s proposed budget amendment for the 2020–2022 biennial budget to increase the Virginia Court of Appeals from 11 justices to 15 justices. Governor Northam is proposing this to try to pack the Court with his liberal judicial appointments before his term as Governor expires next year.

Governor Northam’s attempt to pack our Courts before his term expires is a brazen liberal power grab that threatens to fundamentally change our state’s judicial system,” said Delegate Miyares. “Just like the liberals in Washington, DC want to do with the Supreme Court, the liberals in Richmond are trying to manipulate the Courts through rushed appointments while they still have control of the Executive Branch and General Assembly. Flipping the ideological makeup of this Court will make it soft on crime. This is yet another reason why we must restore conservative leadership back to Richmond for a safe and secure Commonwealth.”

The Virginia Court of Appeals is a judicial body of 11 members that hears appeals from decisions of Virginia's circuit courts and the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission. Miyares serves on the House of Delegates Courts of Justice, which oversees judicial appointments.