I'm Running for Attorney General

It was a little over 50 years ago.

A scared teenage girl in Havana, Cuba made a brave choice; to flee a communist dictatorship with just the clothes on her back.

She didn’t know where she would get her next meal.

She was penniless.

She was homeless.

But she wasn’t hopeless.

Because her dream was to come to America.

Her name was Miriam Miyares. Her story, my mother’s story, of the price of Freedom and how it must be fought for and protected inspires me every day; as a father, a husband, a former prosecutor and now as a Delegate.

It infuses my service as a Delegate in Richmond.

My mother’s story reminds me that Socialism is the opposite of the Rule of Law; and how dangerous it is when leaders forget the people they serve.

I don’t take freedom for granted, we all are called to protect the things that make America great.

That is why I became a prosecutor, getting criminals off our streets and protecting our families.

But now we’ve seen a Virginia and leaders in Richmond that are out of touch, working to undermine our safety.

We need a pushback on an arrogant leadership in Richmond that is out of control and more concerned about the rights of criminals than they are of victims.

We need a check and balance.

We need a new Attorney General.

The government of the Commonwealth Virginia has one basic job – keep our people safe.

Before anything else, that’s the job.

It means keeping the bad guys behind bars – and the good guys protected.

I’ve been in the battle for public safety on the front lines – first as a prosecutor where I took violent criminals and predators off our streets.

And now as a lonely conservative voice of reason in Richmond – where the liberal majority has gotten out of control.

They’ve dramatically reduced the amount of time violent criminals will spend behind bars.

They pushed a law to make it possible for criminals to sue police officers into bankruptcy.

They’ve even watched as violent criminals have been released by a politically motivated parole board in desperate need of reform.

They even take the side of the radical Defund the Police Movement.

And I’ve stood up to fight them every step of the way.

As a former prosecutor I’ve been on the frontlines protecting our communities and putting violent criminals behind bars and I know the devastating impact their soft on criminals’ policies will have.

That’s why I want to be your Attorney General.

We need an Attorney General who will work with our law enforcement officers, not against them. I’ll defend the police, not defund them, – and give them the tools to do their job.

We need a conservative Attorney General who will protect the rule of law – and that is not Mark Herring.

I’ll defend our constitution – and oppose left-wing radicals who try to get around it.

And we need an Attorney General whose top priority is protecting our communities, not using the office to advance a radical political agenda. Making our communities safe will be my top priority.

Regardless of where they live in our Commonwealth, I believe all Virginians want safe neighborhoods for our kids. They want violent criminals to remain behind bars. And they want to stand with our law enforcement officers working to keep our communities safe.

I know there’s a majority that will defend the freedom our nation offers – especially our newest Americans.

As the proud son of an immigrant, my mother instilled in me to appreciate every day that I can breathe the air as a Free American. My mom came to America seeking a new life because Socialism had taken everything she had.

America offered her the freedom and opportunity to follow her dream.

As the son of a New American, I wake up every morning thankful that my mom left everything behind and came to the Land of Freedom. I was blessed to be born here and proud to be raising my daughters in the land of opportunity.

Our nation, our values, our principles are worth fighting for.

There is too much at stake and now is the time for strong conservative leadership in Richmond

But I cannot do this alone.

I need your help.

Will you stand with me?

I know we can win by standing strong for our conservative principles and building a safer Commonwealth for every Virginian. There is simply too much at stake not to.

Join me in standing with our police and building a safer Virginia.

For a Safe and Secure Virginia. It’s time.

Yours in Freedom,

Jason S. Miyares

P.S. I need your help to be a check and balance on an out of control liberal elites in Richmond. Please visit here to join the fight to build a safe and secure Virginia.