ICYMI: Ex-Parole Board Chair Calls Herring Article Misleading

ICYMI: Ex-Parole Board Chair Calls Herring Article Misleading

VIRGINIA BEACH -- Former chairman of the Parole Board and senior assistant attorney general in the Corrections Section William Muse wrote a letter to the editor published in today’s edition of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The LTE condemns the Richmond Times-Dispatch for writing a misleading article on Sept. 16 that attempted to wash away any responsibility Attorney General Herring had in the ongoing Parole Board Scandal, which led to the release of violent rapists, murders, and child abductors without informing the victims.

“The attorney general, and specifically the Corrections Section represents and advises the Parole Board. In my time at the attorney general’s office, we worked closely with the Parole Board in providing advice and counsel, and during my time as chairman, I frequently sought that advice from the attorney general... To absolve Herring from all responsibility, as was done in the article, is simply wrong.”

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