Jason Miyares Announces First Television Ad, "Oath"

VIRGINIA BEACH -- Today, Republican Candidate for Attorney General Jason Miyares released his first television ad of the 2021 campaign cycle. “Oath” highlights Miyares’ dedication to public safety and Mark Herring’s failure to do his job.

“When you become a prosecutor, you raise your hand and take an oath.

You have one job - try the criminals, and lock them up.

But instead of focusing on crime, Mark Herring focuses on left-wing politics.

Murders went up 43%

Herring allows the Parole Board to release violent criminals, without even informing their victims.

Mark Herring hasn’t done the job.

But I will.

I’ve been a prosecutor - I’ll never back down.”

View OATH Here

“For someone claiming to be Virginia’s Top Cop, Mark Herring’s ‘do nothing’ approach to the Parole Board violations has done nothing but make Virginia less safe. The majority of violent crimes are committed by repeat offenders - and Mark Herring did nothing to protect Virginians as the worst of the worst were put back into our communities” said Jason Miyares.

Wise County Commonwealth's Attorney Chuck Slemp emphasized Miyares’ message saying that “From the very beginning of the Virginia Parole Board scandal, Mark Herring knew they were not following Virginia law by neglecting to notify victims of their violent offender’s release. He had the authority to take action and instead chose to stay silent.”

What could have been done differently?

Here’s what an Attorney General Miyares would have done.

  1. Jason Miyares would have opposed the Virginia Parole Board’s release of violent offenders by writing letters of opposition to the Board and organizing victims and law enforcement officials to oppose the releases.

  2. Jason Miyares would have ensured the Virginia Parole Board followed the law in notifying victims and the local Commonwealth’s Attorneys regarding both the consideration of parole and release of violent offenders. Had the Parole Board ignored that advice, Miyares would have sued the Board to ensure compliance.

  3. Jason Miyares would not have protected a state agency that was in violation of Virginia law. He would not have redacted an Inspector General’s report to protect the office of the Attorney General nor the Governor’s Office, as it is wrong and is a blatant disregard for government transparency.

But Mark Herring chose to do nothing.