Jason Miyares Declares Victory


For the last year, we’ve been asking Virginians if they were ready to win again. Today, they answered yes to that question.

Fifty-six years ago my mother fled Cuba with nothing but a dream - a dream of a better life for her family.

Now I stand here today elected to be the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the first-ever son of an immigrant and the first Latino to be elected statewide in the Commonwealth’s history.

I’m humbled and honored - this election is proof that the American Dream is alive and strong. Mom, you did well!

I’d like to thank my opponent, Attorney General Herring, for his years in public service and the sacrifice he’s made for our state. I know how hard it can be.

To my wife, Page, and my girls - thank you for going through this crazy journey with me. You are my rocks and I couldn’t have done this without you.

But most of all - I’d like to thank you, Virginia, for giving me the opportunity to make history. On day one, we’ll work toward a safe and secure Virginia and ending the criminal first, victim last mindset. Virginia has spoken. We want safe streets, our police to be well trained and supported in the community, and we want the rule of law respected.

I intend on delivering on my campaign promises and cannot wait to go to work with Governor Youngkin and Lieutenant Governor Sears for you.

Ronald Reagan made the observation that if you look throughout the whole world, the United States is the only country where our anthem ends with a question. Are we still the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Tonight, we answered that question.

Thank you - God Bless you all.