Miyares Announces Public Safety and Pro-Police Agenda for Special Session


VIRGINIA BEACH -- Attorney General Candidate Delegate Jason Miyares announced his legislative agenda for the special session, which begins today.

“This special session has provided the General Assembly a unique opportunity to pass legislation that would positively impact our communities right now. The rise in crime is at the forefront of Virginians’ minds and thanks to the far-left liberal monopoly in Richmond, our law enforcement officers are struggling. The lack of support from our state leaders is forcing many of them to look for other job opportunities, right when we need them the most.

This is why I’m introducing an amendment to the state budget that would give a pay retention bonus of $5,000 per sworn officer, including troopers, corrections officers, and sheriffs, to give our brave men and women an incentive to remain in law enforcement and continue doing what they do best - protecting our communities.

Additionally, I am proposing an amendment that would require the Attorney General to prosecute all straw gun purchases. A straw purchase is when someone legally purchases a firearm on behalf of another person who cannot legally purchase a firearm. This would allow these cases to be handled more effectively on a state level, as they are typically managed by the federal courts, and would give the state more prosecuting control over the gun crimes that happen in our backyard.

While the liberal one-party rule in Richmond is trying its best to prevent legislation by anyone other than themselves during this special session, I am not going to stand aside and miss an opportunity to propose legislation that would have a positive impact on our Commonwealth. ”

About Jason Miyares

Jason Miyares is the first Latino nominated by either political party for statewide office in Virginia history. If elected, he would be only the third minority, and first Latino, elected in the Commonwealth.

Jason Miyares was born and raised in Virginia. He graduated from Salem High School in Virginia Beach, James Madison University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and earned his law degree from William & Mary where he served on the Honor Council.

Following law school, Jason Miyares served as a prosecutor in Virginia Beach where he had a greater than 90% conviction rate.

Jason Miyares was elected to the House of Delegates in 2015 and has served on the Court of Justice committee during his time in the General Assembly. During this past legislative session Jason was a vocal opponent and led the fight against the death penalty repeal.

Jason Miyares gets his inspiration to serve from his mother, Miriam Maria Miyares, who fled communist Cuba in 1965 as a teenager with nothing but the clothes on her back and no idea where her next meal would come from. She legally immigrated to the United States and instilled in her three sons a passionate love of the freedom and democracy of America. Above all, his mother’s story of losing everything she owned to the horrors of socialism taught Jason Miyares firsthand the truth of Ronald Reagan’s maxim that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction… it must be fought for, protected and handed on….”