Northam's Parole Board Released the Murderer Of a 15-year old girl

Sarah Jamison was only 15-years old when she was brutally strangled, raped and murdered. Her convicted killer, Gregory Joyner, mocked the victims' family at trial, telling newspaper photographers to make sure to "get my good side."

After being tried and convicted, Sarah's murderer was sentenced to life in prison plus 10 years.

He's now being released back on our streets by Ralph Northam's Parole Board.

Gregory Joyner can enjoy all the things Sarah never can. For Sarah's family, there is an empty chair at every Christmas and Birthday, a hole that can never be replaced, taken from them by a monster.

At trial, Sarah's family was told justice was served that her murderer would never see the light of day. Now Sarah's murderer is being released while still in his 40s.

In 2017, the Parole Board stated that Gregory Joyner had a "history of violence" and was unfit to be released back into society.

Ralph Northam's Parole Board deemed otherwise.

Sarah's sister, Renee, upon learning of the release of Gregory Joyner stated "We cannot put into words the amount of pain, suffering and unending grief he (Joyner) has caused our family. Not a day goes past that we do not think of the amazing woman Sarah would have become. He has robbed us of a lifetime of memories and relationships we will never get to have. To think now, that the man who stole all of this from us will be set free is a grave injustice to her memory."

For the good of the Commonwealth, Governor Ralph Northam should demand the resignation of his entire Parole Board as they have breached the trust of all Virginians who believe child murderers should be released back into our communities.

We are in desperate need of a check and balance in Richmond in which one-party rule is leading to out-of-touch progressive polices making Virginians less safe and our neighborhoods less secure.

It's time for a new Attorney General.

In Freedom,

Jason Miyares