VA Law Enforcement Reacts to Mark Herring's First TV Ad


VIRGINIA BEACH -- The Miyares for Virginia campaign released the following statements from law enforcement officials and prosecutors reacting to Mark Herring's first television ad, in which he attacks law enforcement.

"In Mark Herring’s very first television ad he chooses to attack law enforcement by bragging about “holding them accountable” but has yet to hold the Virginia Parole Board, which violated the law by releasing violent prisoners early without notifying their victims, to the same standard. This saddens me. Every day we risk our lives to protect Virginians and Mark Herring continues to demonize us while letting other organizations break the law.” Brian "Lucky" Luciano, President, Virginia Beach PBA, IUPA Local #34

“As a law enforcement officer with over forty years of experience with both police and Sheriff's Office in Chesterfield county, I can say that the amount of disregard and lack of support for law enforcement we are experiencing now is unprecedented. I am losing good deputies left and right, and struggling to replace them, because of the rhetoric coming out of Richmond. Mark Herring’s recent TV ad is more fuel to the fire. Without government support, to many, it is not worth the risk to do this job anymore and Virginians will suffer because of it. And with the fate of qualified immunity looming that risk extends to their homes and families.” Chesterfield Sheriff Karl Leonard

“Good officers are leaving. The reason they are leaving has to do with Mark Herring, Terry McAuliffe, and the pro-criminal narrative that they have scripted. Mark Herring demonstrated his true beliefs in his new ad today when he said he wants to hold police accountable - and we know what that means. It means ending qualified immunity, it means releasing violent felons early, it means passing new laws that make it more difficult for police officers and prosecutors to do their job, it means leaving victims out of the equation and defunding the police. We want to hold all offenders accountable. Mark Herring wants to hold police officers accountable, but not the Virginia Parole Board after it was proven they broke the law.” Wise County Commonwealth's Attorney Chuck Slemp.

“When Mark Herring refused to speak to the Virginia Police Benevolent Association, after previously being endorsed by us eight years ago, it really showed that he does everything with a political agenda. His new television ad goes out of its way to condemn police officers further proves that law enforcement cannot trust him to have our back.” Virginia Police Benevolent Association Executive Director Sean McGowan.